Cloudy with a chance of services

You’d have to be living under a rock to have escaped the buzz being created by cloud computing. For businesses the cloud can offer tremendous benefits. But it also presents significant challenges for both clients and service providers. To the IT fraternity, it’s the biggest thing since portable hard-drives. Cloud computing – the industry darling […]


5 Components of Effective IT Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management is becoming more important in a dynamic business environment, but it is also becoming more time-consuming and complex. Despite this growing complexity, though, the right business infrastructure can help you optimize your IT efficiency, minimize costs, and help you respond quickly to industry changes. There has been a growing trend to use off-site […]

Red Hat Firms Up Cloud Computing Collaboration with NTT Communication

Red Hat, Inc. on Thursday announced that NTT Communications has expanded its Biz Hosting Basic cloud computing and hosting service through the expanded deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Raleigh NC based Red Hat first partnered with NTT Communications in the cloud in April 2010, with NTT joining Red Hat’s growing cloud […]

Cloud Enables Federal Government to Shut 100 Data Centers in 2011

The Obama administration unveiled plans to shut down more than 100 of its 2,094 data centers by December 2011. Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra told a Senate subcommittee today that this year the U.S. government could shut down 100 of the 800 data centers it intends to close by 2015. Mr. Kundra who is […]

Microsoft to spend 90% of its Research Budget on Cloud computing

Microsoft has announced that it will be spending 90% of its $9.6 billion research budget on improving cloud computing technologies. In a statement by President Jean-Phillipe Courtois, the company outlined its strategic vision to engage with more small and medium-sized enterprises and boost its market share and make gains on its rival providers, Oracle […]

Cloud computing speeds trauma care at UC San Diego Health System.

UC San Diego Health System trauma patients are experiencing the benefits of cloud computing in the form of expedited care via an electronic, cloud-based approach to sharing radiology files with other medical institutions. The method is now being used to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of patients sent to UC San Diego Medical Center-Hillcrest from […]

Rackspace, executives appointed to US Cloud Computing Commission

The TechAmerica Foundation has appointed Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier and CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff to its commission on the leadership opportunity in US deployment of the Cloud. The Commission, known as CLOUD2 seeks to make recommendations on how the US government should deploy cloud technologies and “address policies that might hinder US leadership […]